The Giving Season

November 16,2015

The holidays are fast approaching, and nonprofit organizations everywhere are likely prepping for a season of giving and, hopefully, receiving. Here are some tips to help with philanthropic marketing during the holidays.


Highlight your organization’s mission while celebrating the holiday spirit. People definitely appreciate seeing upbeat and inspirational messaging around the holidays, and that holds true of your organization’s contributions to the community. “Doom and gloom” messaging that evokes a donor’s guilt is not the best way to spread holiday cheer. Positive emotions like gratitude and compassion can raise spirits and funds. Also, highlight your amazing staff and volunteers during this time. It’s a great reminder of the people behind the cause.

Capitalize on this donation-driven period. Engage existing donors and capture new ones through your social channels and website, which should be up-to-date and error-free. Have that “donate” button highly visible as well.

Partner up for a good cause. For-profit businesses can also weave philanthropy into their marketing to create a mutually beneficial partnership with nonprofits. For example, many businesses decide to offer discounts in exchange for a contribution or purchase to support an organization. Customers enjoy the feel-good messaging coming from their favorite store, and the organization gains a new fan or donor. As with any partnership, it is important that the two groups blend well together in their messaging and don’t rely solely on the holiday spirit to bond them.

The holidays spark emotion. Philanthropic marketing should too. Get people excited, tell authentic stories, celebrate your audience, say thank you and offer a little something extra, so it’s not just business as usual. Help people understand what makes you unique and why they should give to your organization. Help them understand the impact you make in the community and the impact they’ll be making with their contribution.

Most important, remember your mission. While the holidays are likely one of your busiest times, the season can fill your emotional gas tanks with kindness and boost your philanthropic marketing for the upcoming year.


Bo Goliber handles all things philanthropic and community-oriented for Fingerpaint out of our Saratoga office. Through her role, Bo oversees the company’s efforts around charitable giving, volunteerism, fundraising, event planning and offers nonprofit organizations pro bono insight on branding and philanthropic marketing.

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