Showcasing Fingerpaint Arizona’s Advertising Team

January 25,2018

As Fingerpaint takes over the Arizona Advertising Guild’s social media channels this week, we’re continuing our feature of Fingerpaint’s Arizona office, which was acquired just three years ago. Leading the advertising team in our Arizona office is Andrea Kretzmann, an industry veteran who built her career in New York City with Omnicom, WPP, and IPG. She has more than two decades of experience creating customer-centric brand strategies, and her portfolio involves product launches for J&J, Pfizer, Abbott, and notable start-ups like Human Longevity.

She chose Fingerpaint for several reasons, including its growing commitment to Arizona and seamless blend of consumer and healthcare business with integrated service offerings for clients.

Andrea shared some thoughts on what it’s like to work at Fingerpaint, Arizona living, and some of the projects she’s worked on during her time with us:

What brought you to Fingerpaint and how is Fingerpaint different from places you’ve worked previously?

Many things brought me to Fingerpaint. I moved to Arizona in 2010 and had been working for agencies in New York City with clients on the West Coast. Those agencies never fully embraced all that Arizona has to offer and the unique position we are in to service clients. I was looking for the right fit, and Fingerpaint had the right blend of consumer and healthcare business, as well as an integrated service offering for clients that want to work with us on projects and multimillion-dollar agency-of-record accounts.

I knew and respected several members of the Fingerpaint team from past work experience. I also knew the reputation of the company and its founder, Ed Mitzen, and the head of the Scottsdale office, Michelle Olson. It’s a growing company with a commitment to Arizona.

Fingerpaint is different from other agencies in the way that it cares. The notion of caring is pervasive, from the people we have on the team, to the communities we support philanthropically, to the work we do for clients. The energy, collaboration, positivity, and team spirit are rare. While we have several offices across the country, we feel as if we are one team. It’s truly extraordinary.

What are some Fingerpaint projects that give you the most pride?

foal patrol logo and branding projectThe recent branding projects we completed for OBOL, Arizona Care Network, and Foal Patrol make me incredibly proud of our team. We’re planning exciting things for Abbott Structural Heart and Impax Labs as well. And last year, we developed a social challenge campaign to raise funds for the American Chronic Pain Association during Pain Awareness Month in September, which was a fun project.

Why do you think big clients choose a Scottsdale agency over larger agencies or agencies in bigger cities?

Clients and agency talent can get lost in big agencies or agencies driven purely by finances. An agency like ours, in a rapidly growing area, feeds creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit that benefit our clients. We are also getting more and more talent who want to leave the grind in larger cities and live in a place where they can use their experience and gain a better quality of life.

When I worked in New York City, I would have to bank on several extra hours for travel to and from clients and deal with weather issues. With Sky Harbor Airport being a major travel hub here in Phoenix, we can quickly and inexpensively service clients across the country. It really is a major perk for us.

Why did you choose to live in Scottsdale? What’s your favorite thing about living here?

Fingerpaint’s location has immensely benefitted the agency. The Scottsdale office is near great local restaurants, resorts, and outdoor activities. I live in Arcadia, on the border of Phoenix and Scottsdale, and it’s an amazing area: Nice restaurants, easy commute, and it’s close to hiking spots and the airport. I love the outdoor life, the ease of getting around, and the constant surprises of discovering more to love about Arizona.

What are some trends you’re seeing for the advertising industry? How do you think advertising will change the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries over the next several years?

Over the past couple of years, we’ve definitely noticed certain trends and industries picking up steam. Genomics are empowering people’s decisions about their health and wellness. It’s a big industry that we predict will grow even more over the next decade.

Another shift we’re seeing is the patient as the center of healthcare versus the beneficiary. Patients are increasingly becoming more knowledgeable, more engaged, and more active in their own health decisions.

Social media is also playing an important role in healthcare. We’re seeing patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers engaging with one another and becoming each other’s resources to learn and discover new medications and treatments, as well as discussing their own health experiences more openly.

What are you looking forward to in 2018?

We’re developing and launching some exciting new campaigns and business-building ideas for our clients. I am also enthusiastic about the new additions to our advertising team: our creative director and account manager from Orange County and Chicago, respectively. Our goal is to continue to hire the absolute best talent and show them what they’ve been missing in Arizona.

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