Our Data Commitments to Our Clients

At Fingerpaint (Fingerpaint Marketing, Inc. and all its wholly owned subsidiaries), we understand that data is important to our clients. Data helps our clients understand their business and allows us to derive valuable insights. Using data effectively is part and parcel of the Services we provide to our clients.

When we use data—especially personal data—to provide our Services, we take special care to ensure that you can trust us. We commit to the following principles when processing personal data on your behalf:

  1. Transparency. We will agree with you how we will process personal data on your behalf when we provide our Services. We will inform you how we plan to process personal data and work with you so you can inform relevant parties—such as your consumers and partners—about how their personal data is processed.

  2. Security. We will keep your personal data safe when we process personal data on your behalf. We will make sure that our staff knows the importance of protecting personal data and apply robust data security practices to keep your personal data secure.

  3. Compliance. We will follow applicable laws when handling personal data on your behalf. We will do our best to tell you if we think there might be legal issues with processing personal data in a certain way when providing our Services.

  4. Ongoing efforts. We will work closely with you on an ongoing basis to ensure that we are able to provide high-quality services to you as data-related and privacy laws change and our Services evolve in this dynamic space.

  5. Adding value. We will ensure the data we process on your behalf is used in good faith to generate value for your business, industry, and society.

Our contractual commitments to you regarding our personal data practices will be contained in our contracts with you, including but not limited to obligations related to Fingerpaint acting as a “Data Processor” for personal data processed on behalf of our client, the “Data Controller.”

For more information about our commitments, please contact us at privacy@fingerpaint.com.

Updated on: July 1, 2022