Fingerpaint’s Conshohocken Office Hires a Record 33 People Since Start of 2020

It has been a big year for Fingerpaint, as the health and wellness marketing agency with nearly $80 million in revenue not only announced the acquisition of 1798, the launch of Photo 51, and the launch of the SHIFT Performance Center of Excellence, but it’s also been a record-breaking year for talent acquisition in the agency’s Conshohocken, Pa., office.

Located just outside of Philadelphia, their Conshohocken office, one of five locations across the country, has seen overwhelming growth despite a global pandemic that has caused economic hardships across the globe. Since the start of 2020, the office has hired 33 people—a noteworthy feat that the agency is especially proud of.

“We have been able to bring more people into the Fingerpaint family this year because of the extraordinary talent and services we are providing our clients,” said Andy Pyfer, a partner at Fingerpaint, who, along with Michelle Petroff, head of the Conshohocken office, has helped to grow the office from just two people to one that now expects revenue to reach $25 million this year. “As our clients’ businesses grow, so does ours, which gives us the ability to continue bringing in the best talent in the industry and growing our suite of offerings.”

The hires span across departments, including account service, project management, and creative, with an emphasis on data scientists, media experts, developers, and digital strategists in support of the agency’s commitment to data-fueled, omnichannel solutions that drive brand performance.

“Being able to continue growing our talent and welcoming so many new faces during this time has been a unique and special experience for us,” said Petroff. “We know that not every business has been this fortunate during COVID-19, and we are grateful to be in the position we are. Each of these people were hired for their unique talent that will contribute to the continued, award-winning service we provide to our clients.”

In no particular order, those who have joined the office to date include: Steve Stellini, Jessyca Pacheco, Avery Blue, Monica Hartlove, Jonathan Hayes, Lauren Gearhart, Matthew Livingstone, Tom Bonanni, Kristie Gadson, John Wargo, Angela Goch, Bridget Shinn, Brianna Balfour, Annie Compton, Maggie Jones, Caroline Rickard, Mark Gaertner, Marisa McGettigan, Madison McClure, Rachelle Oldmixon, Meghan Rosenfeld, Megan VanBlarcom, Bryan Sternlieb, Christian Pettinelli, Madeline Pontarelli, Kaylie Atkinson, Caitlin Shewbrooks, Lily Mott, Ronnie Naples, Liz Kelly, Matthew Kelly, Carly Molinaro, KJ Schenck, Maggie Straub, Travis Cozzie, and Art Stiefel.