The Rise of Digital Opinion Leaders

Has the engagement landscape shifted with the rise of digital opinion leaders? In this PharmExec feature, John Kane, Managing Director of MedThink Communications, a Fingerpaint company, and Mary McGregor, Managing Partner of Engage, a Fingerpaint company, highlight 3 key takeaways on leveraging the power of digital voices in this ever-changing environment.

The definition of what a key opinion leader (KOL) may vary, but McGregor says it’s important to engage those who are highly active digitally—also known as digital opinion leaders (DOLs)—within their large, connected online networks. Pharma invests heavily in identifying and mapping DOLs to understand their networks, and this relationship can be strengthened through advanced, yet personalized, management.

According to Kane, when it comes to KOL engagement, utilizing a data-led, comprehensive approach, such as tech-enabled personality profiling, will provide the best value in terms of strategy. Data can help identify DOLs aligned with your objectives.

Kane notes that a benefit to engaging DOLs virtually is “the improved visibility into international perspectives.” Harnessing digital, asynchronous platforms makes it easier to collect data and expert insights from a variety of places. McGregor also explains that DOLs can help accelerate commercial advantage by influencing HCPs via their online networks.

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