How to Leverage Data to Deliver the Right Message in Omnichannel Marketing

It’s no understatement that the data landscape is constantly evolving and expanding. At the same time, the behaviors and actions of HCPs and patients are shifting as well. When it comes to pharmaceutical marketers using data to influence their omnichannel strategies, the method and tools are ultimately the determining factors in how effectively the consumer base is reached and targeted.

Rommel Fernandez, Chief Analytics Officer, Fingerpaint Group, shared key insights in this PharmExec Brand Insights feature on how data will shape the future of omnichannel marketing. 

Having more capabilities that center around data collection, integration, validation, and deconstruction are all areas companies can focus on to improve their omnichannel arsenal. As data spread out into multiple ecosystems, the entire chain from service providers all the way down to HCPs can get complicated when the goal is to receive and track the right information.

It’s a challenge for anyone to adapt to the shifting data landscape. However, with a fully integrated data ecosystem, running the right analytics and ensuring there’s a coordinated end-user focus will allow for the right messaging to go to the right audience. 

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