Fierce Pharma Announces Fingerpaint Group Whitepaper on Launching Advanced Therapeutics

Fierce Pharma Announces Fingerpaint Group-Sponsored Whitepaper on How to Successfully Launch Advanced Therapeutics 

Today, Fierce Pharma released a Fingerpaint Group–sponsored whitepaper for the biopharmaceutical industry describing key steps advanced therapeutics companies can take to drive a successful and sustainable launch. 

Our team of commercialization experts, including Brannon Cashion, President, Specialty Services, Leaderboard Branding; Jennifer Matos, Ph.D., EVP, Scientific Strategy Lead, Fingerpaint; Nick Megjugorac, Ph.D., Chief Strategy Officer, Fingerpaint; and Rommel Fernandez, Chief Analytics Officer, Fingerpaint Group, shared in the article their approach to commercializing advanced therapies. 

One main area focused on how data and analytics can play a key part early in the process.Historically, biopharma firms have not been proactive in tapping into data and analytics until much later in the process. When formulating a launch strategy, leveraging data—especially early—on market dynamics will result in a higher success rate for a product launch. 

“You can bring in the data and analytics to understand things like the patient epidemiology and/or the commercialization opportunities that can guide a company’s decision-making,” Fernandez said. “Knowing that up front, and knowing what the landscape looks like, plays a pivotal role in whether it will be a commercially successful product.” 

Discover more of what the team had to say by reading and downloading the whitepaper, entitled “Launching smart: The power of early engagement and integration to successfully commercialize advanced therapeutics” here: