A Path to Fingerpaint

A Path to Fingerpaint: Colleen Carter on How She Got Here

Graduating college with a marketing degree after studying nursing, Colleen Carter wasn’t sure what her future would look like. That is, until a recruiter asked her a simple question: What about the pharmaceutical industry?

Now, as the head of corporate marketing and business development at Fingerpaint, Carter has had a successful career in the healthcare marketing space that has been focused on establishing strong client relationships and growing revenue—all while answering the call to serve in whatever capacity she is needed.

“There are two phrases that seem to have shaped my career: ‘Our agency needs…’ and ‘We have never had…,’” Carter told MM+M, who interviewed her for the their feature, “How did I get here?

“The first time someone approached me saying those words led to the first of many wonderful and unexpected jobs that I had never done before. I jumped at these opportunities because I was comfortable with uncertainty and knew that I didn’t have to have all the answers.”

Read Carter’s full interview in MM+M or connect with her directly on LinkedIn.