Data's Impact on Healthcare Marketing

The Impact of Data, Media, and Technology on Healthcare Marketing

Leveraging data, media, and technology will lead to sustainable value for healthcare marketers.

Bryan O’Malley, head of technology; Rommel Fernandez, chief analytics officer; Sheyda Karvar, head of media; and Nick Bartolomeo, head of Shift Performance, Fingerpaint, share their in-depth predictions with PharmaVOICE on the topic.

While the past 18 months has accelerated digital initiatives, the road ahead holds enormous potential for well-targeted media strategies to elevate the performance of nonpersonal promotion––thanks to data and analytics.

“In the US healthcare system, there can be so much data both syndicated as well as publicly available,” Fernandez explained. “Those who figure out which data to pay attention to will be the ones that will be in the lead or one step farther, or faster, than the competition. The key to winning is going to be how you stitch it all together.”

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