2021: Reflections and predictions

Ed Mitzen, Fingerpaint founder, and Mark Willmann, Fingerpaint leadership, both shared their thoughts about the past 20 years in the biopharma industry and what the future will look like with PharmaVOICE

“The life sciences’ adoption—and integration—of advanced technologies across the industry has been a game changer,” said Mitzen. “Harnessing the power of things like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality, for example, has paved the way for new therapeutics, personalized patient care, and using data-driven approaches to communicating and connecting more effectively with key stakeholders on a global scale.”

Willmann pointed out the power of data.

“Data can provide healthcare marketers with a lot of information,” Willmann said. “But the key is knowing how to understand and use those data to make a measurable difference in the moments that matter most for all stakeholders.”

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