New Year, New To-Dos: Workplace Resolutions

January 27,2016

New Year’s resolutions get a lot of flack, and rightly so—as half of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, yet only 8 percent achieve them. I, too, have set, and forsaken, a slew of personal resolutions year after year (RIP caffeine cutback of 2015). While I can’t sit at your desk all day and slap junk food out of your hand, Dikembe Mutombo style, I do believe that workplace resolutions can be incredibly advantageous, especially with friends and coworkers around for support, or even to join in the fun.

Atop our list of company values sits “people first.” An obvious, yet essential, part of what makes Fingerpaint tick, our people are the reason we strive to make all of our offices exceptional places to work. That being said, while we think our offices and our Fingerpainters are pretty dang superb, we never pass up an opportunity for improvement, and neither should you! Who knows, maybe your workplace resolutions will better influence your life outside of the office. In which case, you’re welcome in advance.

Here are a few workplace resolutions to consider this year:

Learn Something New

Make it a goal to learn something new this year. Whether it’s becoming familiar with other departments in your company, taking a certification class to improve your skill set or just reading up on something you’ve always been curious about, there’s no time like the present. Your new expertise may even come in handy in the future.

Get Moving

I recently joined the Fingerpaint Fitbit-ers in an activity group to encourage each other to keep moving. Let me tell you, in the few days I’ve been a part of the group, my daily steps have been much higher. Nothing like a little friendly competition to get my derriere off the couch on Saturday morning. Simple things like scheduling reminders to get up to refill your water tumbler, gathering a group to walk to lunch together or just standing up and stretching in between meetings can make a world of difference on your mind, body and energy level.

Get Social

In this era of technology and social media, it’s easy to be a one-man band of productivity, only connecting through email when you have a question or when you need IT’s assistance. As part of our company culture, we encourage and organize social events internally to celebrate, refresh and unify employees during the everyday hustle and bustle. Better yet, workplace celebrations are proven to not only raise morale, encourage team-building and boost the overall mood of the entire workplace, but they also help retain enthusiastic employees. Make it a goal to host a few fun gatherings this year with colleagues, whether inside the office, or out, to celebrate milestones, have a laugh and get to know one another.


Published journalist, recent graduate of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and caffeine enthusiast, Lauren Mendoza is a multifaceted Fingerpainter who splits her time between the public relations and social media teams in the Scottsdale office. When she’s not in the office, merging her passion for storytelling with her love of all things digital, she’s lifting weights at the gym, burning something in the kitchen or planning her wedding on Pinterest.

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