Lindsay Montesano Celebrates Five Years With Fingerpaint

March 11,2018

Congratulations to Lindsay Montesano for celebrating five years with Fingerpaint! Lindsay, who is part of our account services team in Saratoga Springs, has been at the forefront of Fingerpaint’s growth and development. When Lindsay is not in the office nurturing client relationships, she can be found in the yoga studio, at a Dave Matthews Band concert, or traveling the world in a tied-dyed T-shirt. Lindsay, we truly appreciate your hard work and dedication to our agency and clients!

Take a look back at Lindsay’s time with us at Fingerpaint and find out how she spent her five-year sabbatical.

Name: Lindsay Montesano

Office: Saratoga

Role: Account Services

  1. What do you remember about your first day at Fingerpaint?
    Walking around our office at 18 Division Street getting introduced to everyone, followed by an invitation to join the team for a client dinner on my second day of work. Nothing like jumping right in.


  1. Are you in the same role? What has changed about your role?
    Fingerpaint is my first advertising agency experience, so I was fairly junior when I started. Since then, I have advanced my role to be a senior-level account person, developing strong relationships with my clients and leading brands.
  2. How has Fingerpaint changed over the past five years?
    We moved into a new building, we welcomed new faces and said goodbye to some, took on new clients, switched up teams, rolled out different processes, and changed desks five times.
  3. Tell us about one of your favorite early memories from your office.
    There are too many to pick just one.


  1. Favorite thing about your office?
    Our social outings (e.g., karaoke nights)


  1. What do you love most about the entire agency?
    Without Fingerpaint, I wouldn’t have met some really stellar people and developed even more amazing friendships.


  1. What has been your favorite Fingerpaint philanthropy project so far?
    Designing “sweet cases” for Together We Rise.


  1. How many unread emails do you have in your inbox? Are you planning to read them or should you just batch delete?


  1. What advice would you give yourself on day one of working at Fingerpaint?
    Stay away from the candy bowl.


  1. What advice do you want to give yourself now after working at the agency for five years?
    Don’t be afraid to take chances.


  1. What are you hoping to see happen at Fingerpaint? (trampoline in the parking lot, four-day work weeks, etc. – any ideas are welcome)
    Summer Fridays


  1. What did you do on your sabbatical?
    I staycationed for a few weeks, then attended a week-long fitness/yoga retreat in Costa Rica. From there, I spent a week in LA with friends and family. I then wrapped up my travels by relaxing on the beach in Tulum, Mexico.
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