Linda Obele Celebrates 5 Years With Fingerpaint

July 20,2017

Congratulations to Linda Obele for 5 years at Fingerpaint! Take a look at what she’s learned and her best memories over the past 5 years.

Name: Linda Obele

Office: Scottsdale

Team: Public relations

Role: Team leader and account service

  1. What do you remember about your first day at Fingerpaint?

We were Olson Communications at the time. My mother taught me never to arrive empty-handed, so I broke the ice (or perhaps it was a thinly veiled bribe) by bringing in a box of fresh bagels and cream cheese for the team.

  1. Are you in the same role? What has changed about your role?

Sort of. I still manage PR activities for multiple clients, but now I get to oversee a team of fantastic PR pros, too.

  1. Tell us what an average day at Fingerpaint looks like for you.

There’s no such thing as an average day at Fingerpaint—and that’s one of the things I appreciate. Most days involve some combination of client and team meetings, lots of reading, writing, and editing, a few laughs, and the opportunity to learn something new almost every day.

  1. Tell us one of your favorite early memories from your office.

The week I started, we were in the throes of coordinating a grand opening for a new Kimpton hotel in downtown Phoenix. It was all hands on deck, with a lot of moving parts, and I remember being really impressed by how everyone pulled together to deliver an exceptional event.

  1. What advice do you have for someone who is about to finger paint for the first time since their childhood?

Roll up your sleeves, enjoy the feeling of the wet paint on your fingers, and don’t overthink it.

  1. What’s your favorite thing about your office?

The people. We really are blessed with a group of dedicated, talented people who not only are great at what they do but are also a joy to be around.

  1. What do you love most about the entire agency?

It’s hard to choose just one thing. I love the continual push for excellence, the heart for philanthropy, and the attitude that anything is possible—and, of course, the people, especially when all of the offices get together.

  1. How many unread emails do you have in your inbox?

Waaaay too many.

  1. Are you planning to read them or should you just batch delete?

Probably a little of both.

  1. What advice would you give yourself on day 1 of working at Fingerpaint?

Don’t be overwhelmed by the onboarding process. Just try your best to soak it all in. Everything will eventually make sense.

  1. What advice do you want to give yourself now working at the agency for 5 years?

The industry is changing fast and Fingerpaint is on the cutting edge. Grab hold, maximize every opportunity to contribute, and enjoy the ride.

  1. Have you already taken your sabbatical? If yes, what did you do with your time off? If no, what do you want to do with your time off?

Not yet. I’m still in the planning stages, but it likely will involve enjoying time with my husband and 2 daughters and getting out of town for a little while at least.

Linda Obele is on the PR team at Fingerpaint’s Scottsdale office. With 25 years of journalism experience as a beat reporter, editor, and freelance journalist for newspapers including the Phoenix Business Journal and the Casa Grande Dispatch, Linda has an instinctive ability to discern what is and isn’t newsworthy and to strategically tell her clients’ stories in fresh and engaging ways. She once walked over hot coals for a story when she was a newspaper reporter. She says it was perfect training for the mental fortitude and quick-stepping necessary to work in public relations. There must be something to that theory, because Linda is one of the most determined and prepared PR professionals we’ve ever met.

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