Scott Goudy

President of MedThink, A Fingerpaint Company

Scott founded MedThink on the belief that innovative thinking can transform a market if it is aligned with a deep understanding of customer needs. He wanted MedThink to become an environment where each MedThinker can make a difference and help other people grow personally and professionally. Scott moved to the agency world after working in sales and marketing at Glaxo. He is passionate about finding the key insights that drive the big ideas for our clients and loves the energy and excitement of the agency environment in helping to create those ideas, solve problems, overcome challenges, and help others grow and succeed. Scott has more than 30 years of healthcare industry experience, including sales, marketing, and advertising. Scott engineered the creation of 2 business units at MedThink to address client and industry dynamics - MedThink SciCom to serve the rapidly growing medical affairs discipline and MedThink Communications to form a new solution for how promotional medical education is developed and measured for effectiveness. He has a wide range of therapeutic experience, including neurology, cardiovascular disease, gastroenterology, anesthesia, and allergy. Scott has a BS from the University of Missouri.