Influencing Psoriasis Marketing From Personal Experience

Editor’s note: In honor of Psoriasis Action Month, Fingerpaint sat down with Lisa Schaffer, a freelance producer who works with Fingerpaint and was diagnosed with psoriasis. She shares her experience with the condition, as well as what it was like to have the opportunity to work on a brand that produces therapeutic solutions for it.

Fingerpaint: Tell us a bit about yourself!

Lisa: I’m married with boy/girl stepkids. I love to cook and have a 2-year-old Portuguese Water Dog, our third. I volunteer by cooking for the underserved in my community.

Fingerpaint: When were you first diagnosed with psoriasis, and what was that experience like?

Lisa: I had eczema as a young child, so I was exposed to skin conditions early in life. I was not surprised about the diagnosis. Also, my grandmother, who I am named after, had psoriasis. She never got relief. The treatment options were few. 

Fingerpaint: How has psoriasis impacted your life? Can you give a few examples?

Lisa: Psoriasis outbreaks have absolutely impacted my life. Summer wardrobe was dictated by my condition. I’ve even thought twice or three times about not going on warm weather vacations due to the embarrassment of wearing bathing suits and shorts.

Fingerpaint: What has been the biggest challenge living with psoriasis?

Lisa: The biggest challenge I think was the frustration of seeing a few doctors and getting varied treatment options. They don’t all work. I finally did get success with treatment though.

Fingerpaint: You work in the healthcare marketing industry. Can you tell us a bit about what you do?

Lisa: For the past 4 decades, I’ve been a TV commercial and video content producer. I act as a liaison between the creative team and account team to bring a project to life. That includes bringing appropriate directors, animation, music, and editorial companies together for each project. I manage the casting process, creation of music, and supplier negotiation, and I attend all shoots, edits, and recording sessions (now remote). Every aspect of a given production from womb to tomb is my responsibility. I wear many hats.

Fingerpaint: As a healthcare marketer, you were in a unique opportunity to work on a psoriasis campaign. Tell us how that came about.

Lisa: Ah, yes…but no one knew I was psoriasis sufferer until a presentation meeting in a boardroom with the brand group. The product manager of the psoriasis medication brand said, “It’s really too bad we don’t have anyone on the team who is a patient.” I raised my hand and said that I WAS a patient—a psoriasis sufferer. Everyone in the room looked surprised but were happy, I think!

Fingerpaint: How did your experience as a psoriasis patient impact how you approached the psoriasis campaign?

Lisa: I was able to identify the appropriate look of the plaques, assisted in making wardrobe decisions, and advised the team about the attitude and reaction of the actors in the commercial.

I’ve lived it and know how it feels.

Fingerpaint: What’s something that most people wouldn’t know about psoriasis unless they have the condition?

Lisa: For me, heat activates my outbreaks—and that is the time of year you cover up less. So, ironic in a bad way. And it can hurt. I’m not sure if everyone knows that.

For more information about Psoriasis Action Month, visit the National Psoriasis Foundation website.