Fingerpaint Interns Present: Top 5 Things We’ve Learned This Summer

In honor of National Intern Day, we asked our 2020 Fingerpaint virtual intern class to share some of the lessons they learned this summer.

Without further ado, here are their top 5 lists grouped by Fingerpaint office. 

New Jersey

Top 5 things we learned about working at an agency

  1. Don’t get too attached to an idea because clients will always want changes.

  2. Even though everyone has their own individual roles, teamwork is the key to success.

  3. Sometimes the jobs or tasks that may seem boring or monotonous can be more enjoyable than those that are classified as fun and creative, so take on everything assigned to you with an open mind.

  4. Continuously collaborate with individuals on various teams and appreciate perspectives, opinions, or ideas that may differ from your own.

  5. Take advantage of the slower workdays because the next day may be the complete opposite. Adapting to these changes is what makes the work so exciting.


Top 5 ways the internship helped build our confidence

  1. Being trusted with tasks as an intern made us feel really valued, and we enjoyed being able to own certain projects and develop our skills.

  2. In such a short time period, we gained a lot of knowledge about the marketing and healthcare industry. We are now much more familiar with the company and industry lingo.

  3. We learned to always ask others if we were unsure of something or looking for more work. Our coworkers were eager to help in whatever way possible.

  4. The overall friendliness of everyone who works for Fingerpaint bolstered our confidence. Even if we made a mistake, we knew that we could simply learn from it and adjust for the next time.

  5. Our managers made a huge impact on our confidence in this internship. We could always go to them to ask questions or work together as a team.

New York

Top 5 things I learned about working with a real-world client

  1. Communication is essential for aligning goals.

  2. It is important to follow up on any unanswered questions.

  3. Always keep clients up-to-speed on what the internal team is doing.

  4. It’s helpful if you anticipate that projects will often take longer than the original timeline.

  5. Don’t get married to one idea, and prepare to adapt in case the client doesn’t like it.


Top 5 things we learned working remotely

  1. Make sure to take feedback from managers and clients, and try to use it effectively.

  2. Even if you work as a team remotely, you can still get to know each other virtually.

  3. It’s important to get outside at least once a day.

  4. Getting dressed up is optional.

  5. Being proactive is the best move when time is of the essence.