How to Solve Access Challenges in Today’s Market

Roshawn Blunt, managing director of 1798, a Fingerpaint company, and Andy Pyfer, Fingerpaint partner, coauthored the article, “Solving Access Challenges in Today’s Market,” in a recent issue of Pharmaceutical Executive, where they discussed how to address various pain points of market access, including making medications more accessible to those who need them.

“Even patients with insurance might not be able to afford the copays for medication,” Blunt writes. “At a drug’s launch, it’s critical to ensure that a patient’s inability or unwillingness to manage out-of-pocket costs will not affect a physician’s decision to prescribe a certain brand.”

Pyfer added, “When you are developing a commercialization plan, you have to deeply understand all of the factors that will impact a therapy’s success in the market, and that includes access issues.”