The Secret to Developing a Compliant and Creative DTC Campaign

Four Fingerpainters were featured in the PM360 article, “Compliant and Creative DTC Pharma Campaigns: What’s the Secret?” where they discussed how to successfully collaborate on direct-to-consumer campaigns in the highly regulated pharma world.

Tracy Blackwell, head of creative in Fingerpaint’s Cedar Knolls office and a member of the office’s leadership; Andy Spitzer, head of creative in Fingerpaint’s Saratoga Springs office; Hilary Armstrong, medical strategy; and Joey Crawford, creative, copy, explained the importance of bringing each of their respective teams to the discussion early.

Each thought leader took a turn at answering some frequently asked questions, and they provided helpful insight into the most effective ways to assemble the right team to deliver a cohesive combination of creative and medical strategy.

“So, we push. We pull. We use the facts to inspire us,” Crawford notes.