Fingerpainters Discuss the Importance of Payers Early on in the Launch Process

Fingerpainters Andy Pyfer, partner at Fingerpaint, and Roshawn Blunt, managing director of 1798, a Fingerpaint company, shared the importance of understanding the market access landscape, and how involving payer strategists throughout the launch process may be beneficial to a client’s brand.

In the co-authored article in Pharmaceutical Executive, Blunt wrote, “A drug could have a strong therapeutic effect, but if providers are unwilling to take the necessary steps to qualify patients for therapy, the value of the drug is lower.” For this reason, a knowledge of the space can help a brand tenfold in the long-run.

Pyfer explained, “When you are developing a commercialization plan, you have to deeply understand all of the factors that will impact a therapy’s success in the market, and that includes access issues.” The pair stressed that the inclusion of access experts can help identify the pain points early on in the creative process and assist in developing those materials in a strategic way.