Founder Ed Mitzen Discusses the Importance of Leading With Empathy

In a recently released book entitled More Than a Number, Fingerpaint founder Ed Mitzen shared the importance of empathy and philanthropy while exploring the important relationship between agency and client. More Than a Number was published in partnership with ForbesBooks.

Mitzen also shared his insights with Med Ad News during a Q&A where he continued to express the importance of putting your people first and creating an environment in which people feel safe and are excited to come to work. “I always felt like if I focused on the people, and I focused on giving them the best environment that I could, and took care of them almost like a father figure, that would translate into better work, and ultimately better profitability and better dollars.”

Upon the release of the book, Mitzen sat down with PharmaVOICE to talk about the important messages that he shares in his book. “I’ve written this book to help marking directors pull back the curtain on agency culture, so that they can drive positive performance to produce great work that’ll be sustainable for years to come.”