What Healthcare Trends Will Shake Up the Marketplace?

The use of virtual reality and augmented reality are two technology trends Fingerpaint founder Ed Mitzen believes will shake up the healthcare marketplace — a topic he discusses in the December issue of Med Ad News.

“Physical and occupational therapists are using it to not only make rehabilitation activities more fun and interactive with the hope of increasing adherence, but combined with the use of artificial intelligence, doctors are also able to determine in real time where someone is improving or where they are falling short,” he said.

His perspective on this topic, as well as his predictions on healthcare trends for 2020 and beyond, were part of the publication’s healthcare agency roundtable.

Mitzen explained that the evolution of how and where patients receive care will impact all areas of the healthcare industry.

“You are also going to see more comprehensive care offerings at nontraditional locations, such as supermarkets and big box stores,” Mitzen told Med Ad News.