Voice Search Should Be a Top Priority for Pharma Marketers

Bryan O’Malley, head of digital in Fingerpaint’s Saratoga Springs, N.Y., office, spoke with Pharmaceutical Executive’s Editor-in-Chief, Lisa Henderson, about all things digital and their effect on pharma marketers for her September Editor’s Letter.

O’Malley told Henderson that mobile phones, apps, and voice are top areas for pharma marketers to focus on, especially during brand launches. Voice, in particular, is an area that marketers need to dive into; statistics show that by the end of next year, 30% of web searches will be by voice, as gadgets like Alexa continue to grow in popularity.

“There are technical ways to achieve better voice results,” O’Malley explained. “Marketers can be doing work to their websites now to ensure their brand will appear in voice search results and make it easier for their target audience to get answers to their questions. There is a huge incentive to make sure you are catering to that, and to make sure you deliver more relevant results.”

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