Six Fingerpainters Featured in PharmaVOICE

A handful of Fingerpainters brought their insights about marketing in the digital age to PharmaVOICE. Andy Pyfer, Bill McEllen, Laura Wilson, Carol Patel and Craig Mattes all shared contributions.

These Fingerpainters are industry experts, representing a wide range of the agency’s departments. They discussed how pharma leaders can guide their teams during this age of digital transformation.

Pyfer compared data to a “light in the darkness.” He argued data is a “tool that allows you to get a real look at where your audience is, what connects with them, and even how they behave.”

Meanwhile, Mattas described how Fingerpaint incorporates digital into the creative process. “It all comes back to concept and story,” Mattas explained. “If your campaign is strong enough, a VR experiences or social media platform may allow your audience to engage with it in an exciting new way.”

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