How to Impress Award Show Judges

One of the keys to creating a lasting impression with award show judges is to make them eager to know what’s next, according to Tracy Blackwell, part of the leadership team in Fingerpaint’s New Jersey office.

Blackwell, who regularly serves as a creative jurist, recently wrote an article for MM&M that details her experience being a first-time jurist for the outlet’s MM&M Awards.

“When you’re asked to judge an awards show, say yes,” Blackwell wrote in the publication. “It’s a great way to see the how, the why and even the what of some great things your peers are doing.”

She went on to explain how serving as a judge offers insights into how to be a better entrant when there are hundreds of other submissions.

Blackwell believes that standing out from the crowd is paramount to success. From telling an engaging story that brings your category to life to creating a dynamic video that showcases your personality, catching the judges’ eyes requires awesome work that’s meaningful, entertaining, and on-topic.

Read the full article in MM&M Magazine here.