Fingerpaint’s Head of People and Culture Featured in MM&M’s Diversity Issue

Fingerpaint’s Nicole Holland, head of People and Culture, recently shared her perspective on how both employees and employers can create more accepting and productive work environments where people feel comfortable being their authentic selves in MM&M’s 2019 Diversity Issue.

She shed light on several topics, such asthe practice of shifting from one linguistic code—a language or dialect—to another, depending on the social context, and how to push past your comfort zone.

Holland also shared advice on finding the right authenticity-at-work balance.

“You can change jobs to find the company environment that’s right for you—that’s fine,” she wrote. “But you cannot change who you fundamentally are, and your race can’t change. So, if you’re at a company where race is an issue, or you’re scared to not be part of the majority group, that’s a different matter, and you need to do some soul-searching. Will you ever be comfortable there, and do you want that?”

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