Transforming Healthcare: A Moderator’s Perspective

Carol Patel, part of Fingerpaint’s engagement strategy team, recently attended MM&M’s Transforming Healthcare Conference  in New York City. She shared her experience being a moderator at the event in the following first-person article.

I was lucky enough to moderate two Meet the Speaker sessions at MM&M’s Transforming Healthcare Conference in early May. Not only was it a pleasure to be a moderator, but I also learned a lot!

Firstly, I was so impressed that both of the speakers I was moderating for were women. Healthcare has made some great strides in terms of recognizing female leadership potential, and both Priscilla Beal, global head, digital health ecosystem and engagement at Bayer, and Amy West, senior director, patient marketing and digital health innovation at Novo Nordisk, are shining examples of the value that women can bring.

Priscilla also brings an outsider’s perspective to healthcare, like me, so it was fantastic to hear how her brain pulls from all of her experience across various industries. The audience asked a lot of questions around how to form partnerships with start-ups and what those relationships look like—and I found myself reflecting on how an agency partner can fit into the mix to facilitate this emerging, non-commercial aspect of improving healthcare for all types of patients.

The patients-first theme ran strong into the afternoon Meet the Speaker session with Amy; it was clear that patient-centricity truly drives everything that her team does, and it isn’t just a box to check or a slogan on the wall. For this latter session, there were fewer audience questions, which was a treat  for me—I was able to roam more freely around various topics with Amy. Her sharp point of view on taking personalization to another level with the use of technology was inspiring, and the focus on pushing what’s actually possible appealed to Fingerpaint’s mindset of “Never Paint by Number”—it was a total thrill.

I’m grateful to MM&M for the opportunity to meet both of these accomplished women. I’m happy that I could help, in a small way, to bring some of their insights to a larger audience, both at the conference and back at my home base.