Inspiring Life Lessons Were Endless at 30th Annual HBA Woman of the Year Event

Fingerpainter Tracy Blackwell, part of the leadership team in Fingerpaint’s Cedar Knolls office, recently attended the annual HBA Woman of the Year event in New York City. She shared not only a short recap of the event, but also her excitement that fellow Fingerpainter Danielle King was chosen as a 2019 HBA Rising Star.

What did you find most inspiring about the HBA Woman of the Year Event?

Blackwell: This event is one of my favorites because it’s always inspiring. There were several things that moved me this year. I’ll start with Mentor Honoree, Peter Anastasiou, who reminded us that the case for gender parity is rooted in results. Organizations with a balance of female employees and women in leadership positions are simply more successful. We know this is true, but it’s still great to be reminded.

Next, Sharon Callahan, this year’s Woman of the Year, spoke from the heart when she challenged us to tell our stories through a lens of success, not failure. This was so relatable because, as women, we often feel the need to be humble and quiet about our victories. That needs to change, and I have a feeling many women left the luncheon ready to tell their stories with a newfound confidence. She also invoked one of my favorites, Simon Sinek, who said, “Big things only happen when we trust, love, and care about each other.”

As we’re building a new Fingerpaint office in NJ, this rings particularly true to me. I love the team we’re building. And I think our Fingerpaint culture perpetuates exactly what Sinek says—in fact, today, I received beautiful flowers with the message, “Thank you for being a loyal Fingerpainter with everything that you need to juggle as a parent. Enjoy your day!” That’s caring, for sure.

Why do you think it’s important to support organizations like the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association?

Blackwell: For 30 years, the HBA has been a genuine force in empowering women to push boundaries, achieve greatness, and support one another along the way. They offer some of the best professional development in our industry and give women many growth, volunteer, and mentoring opportunities. They provide support to women who need help, and they celebrate the success of women during events like the WOTY lunch. These events not only acknowledge the accomplished Woman of the Year and Luminaries, but they also acknowledge our Rising Stars and male mentors who have made gender parity a priority. We all benefit from these efforts and from the diverse perspectives of women whose passion fuels some of our industry’s greatest successes.

Fingerpainter Danielle King was honored as a 2019 HBA Rising Star. You work with her in our New Jersey office. Tell us why Danielle was a perfect choice for this honor.

Blackwell: We’re thrilled that Danielle was our Fingerpaint HBA Rising Star this year.She was one of the first people to join our team in NJ and has been an important part of rapidly building this office. Danielle is super smart and has the extraordinary ability to jump right in, gracefully navigate challenging situations, and connect with people with ease. Beyond that, she is a wonderful mentor to those around her and is always looking to grow. There’s no doubt her future is bright.