Fingerpaint Talks About Patient Experience in April Issue of PharmaVOICE

Fingerpaint experts shared their industry experience in three articles for the April issue of PharmaVOICE magazine, which focuses on the patient experience.

Bryan O’Malley, interactive at Fingerpaint, delved into the role that interactive media plays in the patient journey. He emphasized the idea of experience over explanation: allowing others to explore the patient experience in a way that is memorable and engaging.

“It’s one thing to understand the clinical effects of a disease, but when we walk in the shoes of a patient struggling with a condition, the impact of the illness takes on a new meaning,” O’Malley told Editor-in-Chief Taren Grom of PharmaVOICE.

In a separate article, “The Caregiver Gap,” Michelle Petroff, account service at Fingerpaint, examined how this gap serves as an opportunity for the industry at large.

“[Caregivers] have a strong voice and strong buying power, and pharma could see a great return by investing in this ‘workforce,’” said Petroff. The engagement of this group can improve their overall effectiveness as caregivers, which will then give the patient the care that they need.

PharmaVOICE also discussed patient advocacy with Andrea Kretzmann in the article, “The Evolving Role of Patient Advocates.” Kretzmann, strategy at Fingerpaint, highlighted the Fingerpaint process as it relates to getting to know the patient in the hopes of generating a catered solution, such as with the team’s work with a Parkinson’s disease patient.

“We spent time in his home observing the challenges he faces,” said Kretzmann. “We met his wife and discussed how their lives have changed.”

It is through the observational experience that Kretzmann’s team generates understanding, which ultimately leads to innovation.

To read the full April issue from PharmaVOICE, click here.