Syracuse University Profiles Fingerpaint Founder, People-First Culture

Think you can’t have a successful business and still do good in the world? Then you haven’t met Fingerpaint founder, Ed Mitzen, yet.

Syracuse University recently profiled Mitzen and his commitment to his employees, as well as the clients his agency services and their communities, for its website.

“By ferociously protecting the core values he believes in, Ed creates the greatest good for our clients and the communities in which we live. People over profits is an enduring business model,” was how Bill McEllen, who oversees Fingerpaint’s New York and New Jersey offices, described Mitzen to the university.

In the article, Mitzen said he treats others the way he wants to be treated, which even impacts how he recruits people for his agency.

“My company is looking for people who are personable,” Mitzen told the university. “Do you get along with others? Are you energetic? Do you look me in the eye when I shake your hand? I want to know what kind of person you are—and who you want to become.”

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