Fingerpainting the Freeways — Our Road Trip to TCT

October 15,2018


On September 23, the Fingerpaint team in Phoenix set off in a minivan on a 300-mile journey to an event surrounding the Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) meeting in San Diego. We loaded up our magic bus with meeting materials, video equipment, and healthy(ish) snacks, then embarked on what we hoped would be the completion of another successful project. What we got was much different.

The event we helped to plan was designed to celebrate a past, present, and future of meaningful innovation from Abbott Laboratories. We knew the event was going to be big (more than 400 attendees), and we knew it was going to be memorable. We did not know it was going to be game-changing.

We were all getting to know each other just a little bit better than we really needed to via a game of “would you rather?” when our collective Google alerts started buzzing with news about Abbott. The company had just shared results from its landmark COAPT clinical trial, which evaluated the safety and effectiveness of its MitraClip procedure in patients with symptomatic heart failure, and they were nothing short of extraordinary. We’ve all seen clinical trial outcomes change the course of patients’ lives, and this was another one of those moments.

So how did this news change our trip? From the second we arrived at our destination, the positive energy was palpable. Our clients were buzzing with their recent good news and sharing their experiences from earlier in the day. By the time attendees started pouring into the event, we realized that we were part of something truly remarkable, as our client’s therapy was the singular topic of conversation. What the latest results meant to their customers and patients became truly clear to us. These physicians weren’t just excited; they were emotional.

At the end of the day, this event is why we do what we do. We admire our clients, and it’s our honor to give them a voice. We left San Diego inspired, ready to play our role in writing the next chapter for this brand. The trip brought our internal team closer together, and the magic of the event coupled with the knowledge that the results will bring new hope for a wide range of patients further entwined us with our client’s success. This experience is what Fingerpaint is all about.

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