Fingerpainters Get Motional Over Brand Journalism

January 19,2018

Everyone has a story to tell. We always have, dating back to the dawn of time. We all have big stories and we all have little stories. Breakup stories and ice cream stories. Traffic stories, love stories, sports stories. Everyday stories and life stories.

We have stories about deep-seated pain, complicated relationships, and traumatic experiences. And then we have other stories, like the time we tripped and cursed on the way out of the grocery store, dropping a bottle of wine on the ground, hearing a giggle from a stranger, and then catching a sheepish smile from our kid’s school principal as she walked past.

Big or small, the stories connect us to others on an emotional level. It’s how we form relationships. And, as consumers, it’s why we put stock in a Yelp review, give more weight to a personal referral, and give credence to endorsements.

It’s because of the emotion behind it. We connect with it. And that emotional connection drives our behavior towards a person or circumstance or product.

And, when you take that truth and fold it into the advertising and public relations industry, it remains steady. People are looking to connect, maybe not with everything, but with certain things. Maybe they don’t need to connect on an emotional level with a toilet bowl cleaner—maybe they do, we won’t judge—but they might need to feel a connection with an organic produce company, or an up-cycled clothing line, or a new medication their mom was recently prescribed.

There is comfort in that connection. There is trust in learning the story behind the story, in pulling back the curtain on a brand and revealing why they operate—shining a light on its purpose, its impact.

This type of storytelling is referred to as brand journalism. And at Fingerpaint, we’re totally on board with this approach. How “on board” are we?

Meet Motional, the brand journalism platform we designed for the sole purpose of sharing the stories everyone wants to hear. Click through the pages and you’ll discover stories of triumph, innovation, kindness, and heroism.

Let’s be real. Who doesn’t love that stuff, right? No one doesn’t love it.

We’re working with clients now that have a desire to develop brand journalism campaigns, because they understand that their stories are valuable, that they have the potential to connect with consumers on a deeper level.

Some of those stories will live on Motional. So, go take a look. See what we’re talking about. Find a connection. And then share it.

Because stories are for sharing. You can follow along with Motional stories on Facebook or Twitter. It’s time to #GetMotional.

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