Fingerpaint To Cover 100% of Healthcare Premiums For Employees And Their Dependents

May 19,2016

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY – Fingerpaint (, a full-service marketing agency with headquarters based in Saratoga Springs, New York, is effectively putting thousands of dollars in its employees’ pockets. Founder, Ed Mitzen, announced this week that the agency will cover 100 percent of its staff’s individual and dependent medical healthcare costs. The coverage will be granted to all 150 employees across all offices beginning on July 1, equating to a $1.2 million annual commitment by Fingerpaint.

“Fingerpaint is dedicated to its employees and runs on a “People First” belief system,” said Mitzen. “Healthcare costs are continuously rising, and we’re pleased to cover these premiums, as our employees are a key component to the success of the business.”

The new medical benefit is just one of many incentives and offerings for Fingerpaint employees. Healthcare coverage and stock ownership are available to staff members the day they sign their employee agreements. Employees who work at the company for five years receive a four week paid sabbatical as a token of their appreciation and dedication, and spot bonuses, tickets to sporting events and concerts, and life milestone gifts are commonly rewarded to staff members.

Corporate culture is another core value of Fingerpaint’s company ethos. The agency operates on a flat organizational structure, meaning there are no titles and no offices, emphasizing a team mentality and open communication among employees. Additionally, the agency’s robust philanthropic program donates time, talents and resources to benefit organizations that align with the causes that are most important to employees. Nearly 60 percent of Fingerpainters volunteer each year, and about 25 percent of these volunteers are board members.

“To put it simply, prioritizing our employees and recognizing their value to the company translates into superb client work and exponential growth for our organization,” added Mitzen.

Fingerpaint is expecting a 57 percent increase in revenue growth year-over-year, and plans to further expand across all offices this year.


About Fingerpaint:
Fingerpaint is a full-service marketing agency committed to original thinking and uncommon collaboration. Based in Saratoga Springs, New York, and with offices in Scottsdale, Arizona and Villanova, Pennsylvania, the firm specializes in brand development, strategic planning, digital and multichannel marketing, audio and video production and public relations.



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