Fingerpaint 2017 Year in Review

December 18,2017

As I reflect back on Fingerpaint’s performance for the year, I remain in awe of the success our unbelievable team keeps achieving.  The company definitely kept its mojo going in full force in 2017, across all areas of the company, reaching levels of success beyond our highest expectations.

Putting our people first

All of our achievements are directly tied to the wonderful people we have on staff.  You don’t need to be a nuclear physicist to understand why our first core value is to always put our “people first.”

Over 5,000 candidates applied to work at Fingerpaint in 2017.  Of those, we brought on 57 superstars and another 24 incredibly ambitious interns.  We are knocking on the door of 200 total employees, which is an exciting milestone in our company history.

We had many key hires across the organization, specifically adding additional senior talent to our People & Culture, Account, and Creative teams.  Nicole Holland joined us from Manhattan, having spent nearly 20 years in the advertising HR field.  Katie Beller, Andy Spitzer, and Alex Bragg brought significant creative leadership to our Saratoga Springs office, having relocated from Ohio.  Andrea Kretzmann and Michelle Bergquist added deep account leadership expertise to our Scottsdale, Arizona office.  And in our Conshohocken, Pennsylvania office, Tracy Blackwell and Michele Zwiebel added deep knowledge to our brand planning group, with Stephanie Spicer joining to lead operations.

Our Fingerpaint family welcomed 2 marriages and 3 engagements this year, along with 11 Fingerpaint babies.  Over 350 employees and family members received 100% of their health insurance costs covered by the company.  Pet insurance is also available, which is a good thing because our new employees came with 60 new dogs as well.

Twelve people embarked on their sabbaticals, a four-week respite after five years of service.  Adventures included everything from a month-long yoga retreat to a coast-to-coast RV road trip.

With our growth came 19 promotions within the agency, and over 80 Spot Awards were given out for exceptional over-the-top efforts by some of our many rock star staff.

Incredible financial growth once again

Putting our people first has yielded some amazing results on the playing field.  Our income grew by 24% this year over 2016, fueled by 8 new client wins spread across 20 brands.  Fingerpaint is now incredibly well diversified, as 37 different clients make up our roster.  And this growth is continuing in 2018, as we are currently forecasting to reach nearly $50 million in yearly revenue, up from $32 million in 2017.

Giving back

All of this financial success has enabled us to continue to drive our core value of philanthropy.  In 2017, we made financial contributions to 61 different charities, reaching more than 100 non-profits in total with additional donations of our time and talent.  Our people volunteered at a whole host of organizations in need, ranging from the Special Olympics Polar Plunge to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to Girls Inc.

Please visit our new website at to learn more about our amazing company.

On behalf of all Fingerpainters, we wish everyone a wonderful, safe holiday season.


Ed Mitzen, the founder of Fingerpaint, is often referred to as a serial entrepreneur. Mitzen is full of big ideas with four companies under his belt and over 20 years of experience in the marketing, sales and advertising industry. He’s a proud member of the Syracuse Orange Nation, and a frequent lecturer on the topics of business and marketing at several top colleges and universities, including the University of Rochester and Skidmore College.

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