Enhancing our Learning, Loving our Work

September 12,2018

At Fingerpaint, our commitment to philanthropy is deeply rooted in our work. In addition to keeping our staff engaged with each other and our community, we view these charitable efforts as a means to enriching and strengthening our relationships with our clients.

This year, we had an opportunity to delve further into our understanding of mental illness. As we prepared for a pitch and worked on collateral for a brand whose products positively impact the lives of those living with mental health disorders, we learned a lot as an agency, while increasing our empathy and growing closer in the process.

We also gained a more in-depth appreciation for the myriad ways that we can continue connecting our staff and philanthropic culture to causes that are closely related to our daily work.

During an informative visit from the National Alliance on Mental Illness – New York State to our Saratoga office, we heard from a partnering advocate who lives with schizophrenia. He talked about the serious impact of mental health issues, not to mention the life-changing benefits of finally finding the right treatment.

Our staff had the opportunity to listen and engage with this advocate, as well as family members of people living with mental illness. We learned about the often-confusing process of receiving the proper diagnosis and treatment and the emotional pain that can bring. NAMI’s visit helped us become more knowledgeable, but more importantly, gave us a greater desire to help.

This month, our staff will take part in NAMIWalks for New York State, the largest and most successful mental health fundraising and awareness event in the U.S. By supporting NAMIWalks through sponsorship and raising funds as a team, Fingerpaint hopes to contribute to reducing the stigma by changing how Americans view people living with mental illnesses and ensure that help and hope are available.

To further show our support, Fingerpaint created a logo for Dining for Hope, an event that aims to drum up awareness and funds at restaurants during May, which is Mental Health Awareness Month. NAMI hopes to have other affiliates participate in this initiative as well.

Fingerpaint plans to continue our commitment to mental health awareness over the next year, and we’re eager to find impactful ways to make a difference and help reduce the stigma through our work and personal contributions.

Join us on for NAMIWalks New York State 5k event, on September 29, register here >

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