Delivering an Unparalleled Brand Experience Using Relationship Marketing

January 6,2020

A solid relationship marketing strategy can deliver personalized and proactive experiences flawlessly tailored to an individual’s needs, creating an unparalleled brand interaction.

Fingerpainters Anne Marie White, head of brand strategy at Fingerpaint’s Saratoga Springs office, and Nick Bartolomeo, head of digital strategy, media, and analytics at Fingerpaint’s Conshohocken office, recently penned an article for PharmaVOICE taking a deep dive into the subject.

“If we look at the insights through a patient-centric lens, we are able to determine exactly what they’re experiencing during their healthcare journey and tailor communications to deliver an intimately personalized experience,” wrote White.

Bartolomeo explained how machine learning allows marketers to take personalization to the next level.

“It has the potential to make it even more personalized to the point where algorithms are able to predict what information is best served next, thus increasing the chance of motivating behavior change,” he wrote.


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