Dan Broslovsky Celebrates 5 Years with Fingerpaint!

June 27,2019

Name: Dan Broslovsky

Office: Saratoga Springs

Role: Editorial


2019 Dan: Hi Dan.

2013 Dan: Hi…Dan?

2019 Dan: Yup, it’s me. Er, you. Future Dan!

2013 Dan: I have to say, I’m surprised to be talking to you.

2019 Dan: I don’t blame you. It’s kind of a left-field idea for this blog I’m writing.

2013 Dan: A blog about time travel?

2019 Dan: Not exactly. So, you know how it’s your first week at Fingerpaint?

2013 Dan: Yes! I just moved back to town after a few years in Boston. The warm welcome I got from old friends and new coworkers has made it feel like a real homecoming. Plus, I got to finger-paint and Ed took me to Druthers for lunch and…

2019 Dan: Dude. Been there, done that.

2013 Dan: Oh, right.

2019 Dan: Anyway, we’re talking today because, drum-roll, it’s my sabbatical!

2013 Dan: Wow! Congrats!

2019 Dan: Thanks, buddy. I couldn’t have done it without you.

2013 Dan: Are you taking an awesome trip? Like to Hawaii?!

2019 Dan: Close—Tampa, Florida.

2013 Dan: Um, OK. Is Hawaii closed or something?

2019 Dan: No, but I have 2 kids now and traveling is a little more complicated.

2013 Dan: Hmm. Maybe I should rethink the second kid.

2019 Dan: Please don’t. It would really mess up my reality. Space-time continuum? Ring a bell, McFly?

2013 Dan: Man, I love a good Back to the Future reference. It’s my favorite movie!

2019 Dan 2019: I know. Listen, it’s a family trip. The boys are really excited for the aquarium and Busch Gardens. It’ll be great.

2013 Dan: OK, I’m back on board!

2019 Dan: I’ve also got a couple of nights booked for the ski condo in Okemo.

2013 Dan: I do love to ski.

2019 Dan: I know.

2013 Dan: My gear is kind of old though.

2019 Dan: You’ll have some new gear by then. By now. By then? This conversation is kind of messing with my head.

2013 Dan: Well, it was your idea. It is pretty exciting to have hit the 5-year milestone. You must really like it at Fingerpaint.

2019 Dan: It’s a special place. I get to lead a team of fantastic editors and work with so many creative, talented people.

2013 Dan: What cool stuff has the agency done? Anything I can really look forward to?

2019 Dan: You’re going to love the philanthropic activities. We’ve painted travel bags for kids in the foster care system and packed lunches for food-insecure families. It’s a core value here that really brings out the best in everyone.

2013 Dan: That sounds really incredible.

2019 Dan: You want incredible? Wait until the 10-year anniversary announcement.

2013 Dan: You’re not going to tell me?

2019 Dan: It’s a great surprise and I don’t want to ruin it.

2013 Dan: I do like surprises.

2019 Dan: I know.

2013 Dan: How about a hint?

2019 Dan: Sure: Arizona.

2013 Dan: OK, you’re messing with me now.

2019 Dan: No, I’m messing with you then. Now? Ugh.

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