Integrated Production Producer

Integrated Production

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Integrated Production Producer:

Key qualities:

• Ability to manage a variety of projects across offices with equal attention to detail.

• Passion to create great work, no matter what the budget or timing suggest.

• Creative problem-solving abilities and continual desire to ‘plus up’ a project.

• Experience to ask the tough questions when needed, if there is a better way to execute.

• Willingness to be flexible, as we are in a state of continual change at times.

• Personality and communication style amenable to interact with dozens of brand account leads and creatives.

• Desire to maintain a proactive nature while producing, anticipating next step.

• Viewed as a leader by project team and colleagues.

• Pharma experience preferred, 10+ years’ experience producing, 5+ management.

Job description:

• Contribute your gifts and talents to our rapidly growing Integrated Production department. Share your experiences to complement our offering.

• Build strong relationships with account, creative and PM leads.

• Gain trust that you have all details well in hand and are on top of client and team needs.

• Partner with creatives to elevate creative conceptual quality, whenever possible.

• Bring forward thoughtful, quality, Art, CGI, photography, and video/ broadcast partners for consideration.

• Leverage your industry reputation to help secure reasonable rates for quality work.

• Negotiate, propose and book production partners as needed.

• Advise teams on rights and usage options.

• Work seamlessly with project managers to allot for adequate time and budget for quality work.

• Build relationships with client if applicable.

• Attend and supervise productions if safe to do so.

• Oversee entire process from estimating, bidding, pre-production, production, and postproduction,

within time and budget.

• Work with paymaster, production partners and team to secure talent contracts or

releases and facilitate payments.

• Work with project managers, account and finance to facilitate purchase orders,

production contracts and final billing of projects.

• Champion team partnership with our internal post-production group when logical.

• Advocate for continued integration across all deliverables and media deliverables.

• Propose process refinements whenever you see an opportunity to improve.

• Remain current with industry trends.