Sr. Medical Strategist

Medical Strategy

Phoenix, Arizona

Are you hungering to help push the boundaries of what’s possible in pharmaceutical agencies when it comes to medical strategy? Do you want to be a part of an integrated team that combines medical, digital, and brand strategy to develop award-winning physician and patient education? At Fingerpaint, we focus on infusing science into all aspects of a unified brand-building process to drive commercial and medical communication strategies.


The senior medical strategist will need to utilize their full scientific skill set—tapping into scientific knowledge, critical thinking, and creativity—to build a comprehensive understanding of relevant pharmaceuticals, devices, and disease states. As the scientific expert, they will be asked to evaluate the current competitive landscape to help determine ways to shape brands, including new messaging and explorations of the unmet needs. This role requires extreme attention to detail, strong organizational skills, and the ability to retrieve, comprehend, and interpret scientific literature. Our ideal partner is a deep and dynamic thinker who can read beyond the data to create focused scientific concepts, push past observations to insights, and help guide our teams forward in strategic development.



What it takes

Be a scientific champion

  • Is responsible for ensuring the scientific, clinical, and regulatory accuracy for all marketing materials (eg, sales aids, journal ads, slide presentations, websites, emails, TV ads, and print materials) across a host of communication channels (eg, print, digital, TV, and mobile)
  • Functions as clinical resource for core brand teams, including having knowledge of relevant literature for a brand and fact-checking pieces for scientific and clinical accuracy

Be a strategic partner

  • Serves as an integral part of core brand team(s) and work with other departments (eg, account, brand strategy, creative) to drive the brand forward and ensure that all deliverables are on strategy and clinically relevant
  • With the core brand team, works to unsure that the objective of each piece is met and advocates for appropriate use of any product claims (eg, approved copy, images, and graphs)
  • Identifies, assimilates, and interprets appropriate medical insights, facts, and data to foster the planning and creative processes for the client and agency team
  • Proactively challenges strategies and directions not aligned with current medical practice/science; helps identify barriers, positioning, and strategies from a medical/scientific perspective
  • Creates custom applications of data for all projects based on in-depth customer understanding developed through market research, advisory boards, congress attendance, and desk research

Be a regulatory resource

  • Functions as a regulatory resource for the core brand team, including having a knowledge of relevant FDA guidance

Be a clinical explorer

  • Interrogates scientific literature deeply and broadly, and follows the trail to prioritize key areas of exploration and identify barriers and opportunities
  • Analyzes in-depth clinical and mechanistic competitive comparisons
  • Distills scientific audits into focused scientific insights and concepts with translational value for development of commercial and medical strategies
  • Develops current and future landscapes by inferring key future developments within categories based on currently available information

Be an engaging collaborator

  • Fosters authentic and effective relationships with brand and medical teams, as well as other relevant medical personnel (eg, key opinion leaders, MSLs, etc)
  • Works in sync with all internal departments to ensure the most creative and strategic utilization of available data
  • Works within the internal brand teams to create clinical and scientific content across commercial and medical deliverables



  • Advanced scientific degree in relevant discipline (PhD, PharmD, MD in clinical or biological sciences)
  • Agency experience (≥ 3 years) in the pharmaceutical/medical/science industry preferred
  • Experience in the pharmaceutical industry and/or pharmaceutical marketing desired
  • Direct experience developing medical communications programs (eg, scientific platform development, advisory board preparation, training modules, publications, etc) preferred
  • Experience in rare disease categories is a plus.
  • Must be able to provide scientific and medical expertise across a broad range of therapeutic categories
  • Demonstrates ability to distill and translate expert knowledge to agency team members in other functions and clients
  • An understanding of medical concepts/terminology and the ability to present research data; familiar with searching medical literature
  • Problem-solving: Uses logic and established methods to research and retrieve critical data; is excellent at honest analysis; probes all sources for answers; can see hidden problems; looks beyond the obvious and doesn’t stop at the first answers
  • Leadership skills: Takes charge in challenging situations; develops a vision and takes action to get the job done and overcome obstacles where they may exist; is looked to as a leader; is highly self-motivated and has an ability to be self-directed; has the ability to handle multiple timelines and work independently
  • Presentation skills: Is effective in a variety of formal presentation settings: one-on-one, in small/large groups, and with peers, direct reports, and managers; is effective both inside and outside the organization; commands attention and can manage group process during presentation
  • Pays close attention to detail with the ability to handle multiple projects and work under pressure
  • Proficiency in Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, and Adobe