Creative Copywriter Intern


Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

Every summer, Fingerpaint invites motivated individuals with a specific interest in marketing to apply for an internship, offering a hands-on opportunity to work alongside our team to produce great client solutions. You’ll be helping us achieve amazing results by working on projects that may include branding, research, creative, digital, promotion and production. 

You’ll be fully immersed in the Fingerpaint culture for 10 weeks (usually just after Memorial Day through mid-August) for 30 hours per week. You’ll be working with industry experts who have first-hand knowledge of the marketing and advertising industry. 

You will not only have a chance to touch client work as part of your role, but you will also work on a group project of your own with our other interns. We’ll team you up with a local non-profit organization as your client, and you and our intern team will own a marketing project tailored specifically for that organization’s needs. It’s a hands-on experience that’s a win-win for all involved: They walk away with a pro-bono project, and you walk away with real-world client experience to enhance your resume. And as an added bonus, it’s a great way for you to contribute to Fingerpaint’s passion for giving back to the community. 

Our internship program is highly competitive with a limited number of paid spots (summer only). For-credit opportunities may also be available during other semesters. 

What does the creative team do? 

The creative team collaborates, concepts, and executes ideas for compelling and memorable work for clients, brands and philanthropic initiatives. They work with all departments in creating unexpected, memorable and on-brand copy.

Overview of the creative copywriter internship:

  • Swagger: this role requires enthusiasm; you are trying to convince people to buy products, so you better believe in what you’re selling, and you better believe in yourself
  • Skills: College experience writing advertising/marketing copy; preference given to candidates with spec ads/portfolios. Poetry, essays, fiction, and new clips are okay too, but the spec ads are better (make some now!). Make sure to submit a link to your portfolio or submit samples of your work in order to be considered
  • Knowledge: Be current on trends in digital communications, social media, traditional media outlets, films, TV, business, and politics, and know what the culture is talking about
  • Curiosity: We’re a fast-paced agency, and will talk over your head (choose when to Google and went to ask), but your will to find answers knows no bounds
  • Coachability: Know when to take a note and when to defend your copy, but always know that nothing you write is final 
  • Leadership: Lead copywriter for your office’s intern project

The ideal candidate is a self-starter who is able to check their shyness at the door. They have specific interest and experience in a graphic design role. They are creative, a talented writer, and an engaging presenter.