Editorial Intern


Saratoga Springs, New York

 Every summer, Fingerpaint invites motivated college students with a specific interest in pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing to apply for an internship, offering a hands-on opportunity to work alongside our team to produce great client solutions.

As an intern at Fingerpaint, you’ll be fully immersed in the Fingerpaint culture for 10 weeks for 30 hours per week. You’ll be working with industry experts who have first-hand knowledge of the industry. You will not only have a chance to touch client work as part of your role, but you will also work on a group project of your own with our other interns. We’ll team you up with a local nonprofit organization as your client, and you and our intern team will own a marketing project tailored specifically for that organization’s needs. It’s a hands-on experience that’s a win-win for all involved: They walk away with a pro-bono project, and you walk away with real-world client experience to enhance your resume. And as an added bonus, it’s a great way for you to contribute to Fingerpaint’s passion for giving back to the community. This internship gives exposure to a uniquely collaborative environment with varied areas of expertise.

What does the editorial team do?

The function of the editorial department is to ensure all materials are held to the highest quality standards for language and style. Medical editors perform several roles in their daily work, evaluating copy, design, and data at various stages of project workflow. Medical editors are key brand team contributors who advocate for quality and correctness, collaborate willingly with all departments, and always uphold the goal of editorial excellence.


Overview of the editorial internship:

  • Under supervision, gain exposure to all aspects of the medical editor role at Fingerpaint
  • Learn and apply American Medical Association (AMA) Manual of Style
  • Learn and apply FDA guidance rules for pharmaceutical advertising
  • Learn and use in-house editing programs and tools needed for daily workflow
  • Learn and participate in the editorial process; learn and practice different types of reads
  • Learn how editorial team collaborates with other agency departments in daily work
  • Ideates, completes, and presents an editorial-focused internship project


The ideal candidate has an interest in copyediting and proofreading, pharmaceutical/healthcare content, and advertising and marketing.