Scientific Strategist

Medical Strategy

Cedar Knolls, NJ

Are you hungry to help push the boundaries of what’s possible in medicine? Come join our team in translating the latest scientific discoveries into compelling brand strategies, provider education, and patient care. At Fingerpaint, we focus on infusing science into all aspects of a unified brand-building process to drive commercial and medical communication strategies. The medical strategist will need to utilize all of their capabilities as a scientist and a person, tapping into both their scientific thinking and creative core. Our ideal partner is a deep and dynamic thinker who can read beyond the data to create focused scientific concepts, push past observations to insights, and help guide our teams forward in strategic development. 


  • Strategic partner: Partner across the disciplines of strategy to drive brand building, unbranded initiatives, and communication planning
  • Insight integrator: Develop custom application of data to all projects based on in-depth customer understanding gathered from market research, advisory boards, congress attendance, and desk research 
  • Expert explorer
    • Interrogate scientific literature deeply and broadly with the ability to “follow the trail,” prioritizing key areas of exploration and identifying barriers and opportunities
    • Analyze in-depth clinical and mechanistic competitive comparisons
    • Distill scientific audits to focused scientific insights and concepts with translational value for development of commercial and medical strategies
    • Develop current and future landscapes by inferring key future developments within category based on currently available information
  • Engaging associate: Foster authentic and effective relationships with client brand and medical teams, as well as other relevant medical personnel (eg, key opinion leaders, MSLs, etc)
  • Custom creator: Create clinical and scientific content across commercial and medical deliverables
  • Agency collaborator: Works with all departments to ensure the most creative and strategic utilization of available data 
  • Scientific champion: Responsible for continually elevating internal understanding of relevant pharmaceuticals, devices, and disease states


  • Relevant degree (PhD preferred)
  • Minimum of 1 to 2 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and/or pharmaceutical marketing
  • Experience developing medical communications programs preferred

All Fingerpainters are currently working safely from their homes but we look forward to the day when we can all be back together in our offices. If you have any specific questions on working remotely now or in the future, please feel free to drop us a line in your application.