Senior Developer

Saratoga Springs, NY

We are seeking an experienced senior web developer who can lead technical projects from conception to release. While we are continuously learning, this position requires fluency in .NET back-end technologies and front-end styling with an eye for UI/UX. Marketing is a team sport, so collaboration and strong communications skills are a must, as are the abilities to think creatively and provide reliable estimates.

What it takes:  

  • Interact with clients, internal and external, exploring and advising on possibilities and solutions that fit their goals 
  • Architect and develop HTML/CSS/JavaScript-based solutions and crank out a responsive website as easily as building an email 
  • Keep up with the latest development trends, always focusing on how to build a better mousetrap, without having to start from scratch every time 
  • Can dive deep and talk technical with technical peers, and also explain event delegation and DNS management with our intern’s grandma without losing your cool 
  • Take immense pride in what you do, how you do it, and what you walk away from at the end of a project 
  • Ability to juggle projects, clear your mental cache, and switch from debugging an API integration to fixing a responsive email rendering issue to resolving an IIS URL rewrite configuration without missing a beat  


  • Extreme proficiency in the following:  
    • HTML markup 
    • SASS/CSS, preferably BEM style 
    • JavaScript: vanilla DOM manipulation, jQuery, Ajax, Promises, and async-based programming  
  • Strong back-end development experience in the .NET stack with a focus on C# and SQL proficiency 
  • AWS experience  
    • S3 
    • Elastic Beanstalk 
    • Route 53 
    • RDS 
    • Lambda  
  • Experience configuring and maintaining build tools (Gulp/Node JS) 
  • Strong responsive/adaptive development skills supporting multiple devices and browsers 
  • Manage source code with Git  

Bonus points:  

  • AWS certification 
  • Dev ops experience 
  • Continuous integration and deployment tools (Jenkins, CodeDeploy) 
  • Mobile app development
  • SiteCore CMS experience