Bryan O’Malley Celebrates 5 Years with Fingerpaint!

October 9,2019

Join us in congratulating Bryan O’Malley on his five-year Fingerpaint anniversary! Bryan, head of the digital team in our Saratoga Springs office, joined Fingerpaint as an expert software programmer and app developer who also was experienced in leading award-winning teams. He has led the Saratoga digital team during the growth era of digital marketing, and it seems that this is only the beginning. Bryan spent his sabbatical traveling with his family and channeling his inner Arnold Palmer at golf school.

Read on to learn more about Bryan and his time with Fingerpaint.

Name: Bryan O’Malley

Office: Saratoga

Team: Digital

Role: Head of digital

How did you spend your sabbatical?

A mixture of travel, new experiences, and plain-old leisure time. I went to golf school in Stratton, Vt., took the family to NYC and Chicago, saw a Cubs game at Wrigley Field, hosted a Fourth of July BBQ, played 144 holes of golf, and spent a lot of time in our new pool.

What do you remember about your first day at Fingerpaint?

I think I wore a suit, so I was definitely over-dressed. The big project in the shop at the time was a website for Peyronie’s disease, so the conversations throughout the day and the pictures you might see on someone’s computer were definitely more … interesting … than what you might find in a typical office.

What do you like most about the entire agency?

I love that every day at Fingerpaint is different and that such a diverse and eclectic group of individuals can work together to accomplish incredible things. It’s not always easy — and there are plenty of ups and downs along the way — but it is never boring.

What’s your take on Fingerpaint’s commitment to philanthropy?

I love it. A lot of companies talk about giving back, but it essentially amounts to the C-suite execs going to a charity golf tournament a few times each summer. Fingerpaint actually has an amazing woman dedicated to philanthropy, and as a result, we do a lot more. I personally love the big events like the grocery run, the holiday scavenger hunt, and Operation Lunch Lady that let us all participate as a full office. (Though I wouldn’t be opposed to a few golf tournaments each summer either!)

What are you hoping to see happen at Fingerpaint? (Keg in the kitchen, trampoline in the parking lot, 4-day work weeks, etc. — any ideas are welcome.)

It’s a great question. We’re really starting to see a lot of companies redefine the boundaries of what full-time work looks like in the 21st century. You’re starting to see things like flexible hours, remote workers, 4-day work weeks, and unlimited vacation policies become more common. Agencies are not your typical 9 to 5 desk job, but then again, Fingerpaint is not your typical agency. I’d love to see us push the boundaries of what agency life means by adopting more of these progressive ideas.

Who’s your favorite office dog? Why?

How could I not say Mocha? She’s been with us forever. Though Oliver is starting to grow on me. (Don’t tell Armstrong.)


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